Where to buy modalert / Modafinil price comparison list

Online pharmacies outside the US generally won’t require a prescription to sell you Modalert. This is not the perfect solution it appears at first glance however, as one must still select a reputable and reliable pharmacy from thousands. The common question you can find in google search is: where to buy Modalert over the counter. There are more than 100 vendors so I want to focus on the most interesting and cheap offers .

1. www.sunmodalert.ru 
Price: from 0.96$/pill and from 0.82$ for returns
Shipping: Airmail free, Courier: 20$
MOQ: 10 pills
Discount: up to 15%
MOQ: 10 pills
Payment methods: Cards/Bitcoin

2. http://onedollarthings.com
They set the cheapest market price for the smallest order. In fact no matter if you buy 10 or 500, you will pay 1$/pill.
Modafinil brands: Modalert (100-200) (Sun Pharma), Modafil (Intas), Modvigil (HAB).
Armodafinil brands: Waklert (50-150) (Sun Pharma), Artvigil (HAB), Armod (Emcure)
Price: from 1$/pill to 1$/pill
MOQ (Minimum offered quantity):10 pills, LQ (Limited qty): 500 pills
Discount: 10% if to share the experience about using Modafinil.
Regular Shipping: free, Courier: 20$
MOQ: 10 pills
Payment methods: Visa/Mastercard/Bitcoin

3. www.nztdrugs.com
All possible types of smart drugs, cheapest market price for a large orders
Brands: Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil, Modafil, Artvigil, Armod, Nootropil .
Price: from 0.85$/pill to 1,5$/pill
MOQ: 30 pills , LQ: 500 pills
Discount: up to 15%
Regular Shipping: free , Courier: 15$
MOQ: 50 pills
Payment methods: Credit card/Bitcoin

4. www.medsforbitcoin.com
Good rate for the 200 pill order (0.92/pill for 200 pills)
Brands: Modalert (200) , Waklert (150)
Price: from 0.92$/pill to 1,5$/pill
MOQ: 10 pills , LQ: 200 pills
Discount: NO
Regular Shipping: NO , Courier: Free
MOQ: 50 pills
Payment methods: Only Bitcoin

Another well known old stores focused not only on smart drugs:
Price: from 0.96$/pill and from 0.82$ for returning customers.
Discount: up to 15%
MOQ: 10 pills , LQ: 540 pills
Payment methods: Credit Cards/Bitcoin

Price: 1.02$/pill
Regular Shipping: 18$ Courier: 25$
MOQ: 30 pills , LQ: 500 pills
Discount: up to 25% (it is offered if you refuse an order and closing a checkout page)
Payment methods: Wire transfer, Bitcoin

Price: 1.08 $/pill
Shipping: 22$
MOQ: 30 pills
Payment methods: Credit Cards

Some stores I have never been in deal with:

worldpharmazone(no reviews elsewhere), Modafinilcat
unitedpharmacies-uk (focused on UK customers)
4nrx-uk (probably a mirror website of unitedpharmacies)

Many people don’t trust online stores and searching on where to buy Modalert in hands or from person. The following modafinil sellers are legit according to many reviews on reddit.

1) Modadropship
2) RxRex
3) Modaminds

Pharmacies that have been suddenly closed:


Interesting sources about the Modafinil:



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