Nootropics review: Alfa brain, Aniracetam, Piracetam, Noopept

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A little on how and why I entered into the world of nootropics.

In my late teen years I spiraled down a heavy ecstasy addiction, which lasted roughly a year straight. After quitting cold turkey, I started self medicating with Xanax. My Xanax (plus opiate) addiction lasted 3 agonizing years to which (against every medical experts advice) I quit cold turkey. My withdrawal lasted 21 days. I was sick, my body and mind were not the same, but I was sober.

I started working out daily and got into meal preps. I went from a chubby 210 to a shredded 165. I did this in 9 months. Considering I was a struggling, over weight pill addict 9 months prior, this was an amazing feat. I felt amazing, but I did not feel like me. I did not feel like my brain was processing at its full capacity. And, if I thought I had anxiety before Xanax, it tripled sober.

Nootropics review

In walks nootropics.

I kept seeing paid advertising for optimind on my Facebook. After the tenth time I looked into it and I was intrigued. After realizing it had caffeine in it and caffeine ramped my anxiety anytime I came near it, I declined. But, the idea of supplementing my brain to help what I damaged sounded exactly like what I needed.

So I start to research, I found alpha brain. After researching alpha brain I came across a video of a guy who stacked it with noopept and he painted the perfect picture, so I ordered some. Noopept to this day gives me the most brain fog and it doesn’t work for me, but that topic is for another day. It didn’t work for me, so then I started researching what does.

In walks Aniracetam.

She was amazing to me, she helped me with my anxiety enormously and gave me a little boost. But, she wasn’t who I was looking for.

In walks piracetam.

Oh man, perfect fit. Verbal fluency was off the charts. The permanent brain fog (or so I thought) I had was lifted. It gave me energy, it had my brain working at the speed it once was before I abused any drugs. I mean it was a god send.

I have explored with many more nootropics since then and I continue to research and experiment. I share this review with you all today to see if anyone here has an intriguing story to what brought you to nootropics, and to see if you guys had any advice to help a recovering brain on its path to perfection.

Thank you all for your time.

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