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The well-known smart drug Modafinil is available as a less costly generic called Modalert. It’s really easy to buy online. It’s produced in 200 mg. and 100 mg. varieties by Indian pharmaceutical company, Sun. Modalert is gaining market share over Modafinil, due to the significant price discrepancy. Modalert is usually classified as a Nootropic, a term used to describe so-called smart drugs that have a beneficial effect on the brain and nervous system. Such drugs support mental performance, particularly in areas of learning and recollection.

The full 200 mg.  Modalert dosage was designed to assist in conditions of sleep disruption, particularly disorders arising from working irregular hours or narcolepsy. However, its power to increase focus and boost alertness was soon recognized by healthy sleepers. Due to having similar effects to Attention Deficit Disorder remedies such as Ritalin or Adderall, there was an effort to have Modafinal FDA-approved for the same condition. However, the DFA declined to approve its use for children.

Said FDA decision is hotly contested, as Modafinil produces fewer side effects than those medications commonly prescribed for ADHD in minors. Adults may still receive prescriptions for Modafinil and its generics, such as Sun Pharma’s Modalert, given that the FDA has not specifically prohibited its usage as a performance enhancer of the adult brain.

Generic Modafinil is available in a variety of brands, with Modalert from Sun Pharma being one of the most prominent ranges stocked by online pharmacies. Modafinil was first developed by a French company just prior to the 1980’s. It was derived from Benzhydri Sulfinyl compounds, such as Adrafinil. After thorough testing, it was released in France in 1986 as a treatment for narcoleptics. Usage of Adrafinil, the parent compound which has analogous effects, has largely been eclipsed by Modafinil.


How Modalert Helps You

Modalert produces a broad spectrum of beneficial effects. Besides its intended support for sleep disorders sufferers, such those with shift work sleep disorder and narcoleptics, it may also be used as in auxiliary capacity in treating obstructive sleep apnea. In fact, these are the only officially legitimate applications for the drug, at least in the USA. As such, companies there may not advertise it for any other use. There is however a loophole at the General Practioner level, as doctors may prescribe certain drugs for usages outside the approved guidelines. There may be repercussions to doctors who choose to do so however; they could come under the microscope of their medical regulator, for example. However, the drug’s helpfulness in treating Attention Deficit Disorder is widely-recognized, so in practice it’s commonly prescribed by GPs in such cases.

Due to its fairly wide availability and effects, there are many ways in which the public uses Modalert. There’s a clear subset of users, like students, who commonly use it to increase and maintain alert brain function. It’s widely reported to increase attention and several claims exist as to its efficacy at improving short-term recollection and boosting learning ability. Such testimony is especially convincing when it comes from – as it often does – Attention Deficit Disorder sufferers who take Modalert as an alternative to Ritalin or Adderall, both known to have more severe side-effects. Many students also report on the drug’s efficacy to improve mental performance in a competitive learning environment.

There are also some users who take Modalert to promote slimming. There’s some evidence to support the fact that it increases metabolism for those with a healthy lifestyle. It’s also cited to decrease hunger. However, these effects are associated with higher daily dosages, up to 400 mg., that being twice the regular dose. Such effects are somewhat expected, given Modafinil’s actions are similar to amphetamines, which are also known for metabolic acceleration and appetite suppression. Modalert is, however, not classified as a stimulant and is therefore far less restricted.

A further use for Modalert is in the rehabilitation of habitual opiate or cocaine abusers. The documented effects of Modalert are such that they quite specifically counteract the withdrawal symptoms of cocaine. No clinical trials have yet been conducted to prove Modalert’s suitability to treating rehab patients but studies undertaken in this regard hold great promise.


The Functions of Modalert

Modalert works by a variety of means, of which most remain scantily documented. The active component appears to pass the blood-brain barrier to directly interact with the neurological system. Once so absorbed, it has scientifically-established interactions with Dopamine transporters, inhibiting this pathway’s reuptake. This action raises the presence of Dopamine in the system, which is likely what produces the subjective effects such as resistance to fatigue, sharpened concentration, revved-up drive as well a certain lightening of the emotions.

Another observed effect is that of Modalert upon the prevalence of monoamine hormones within the brain. These histamines are central in regulating the cycle of wakefulness and dormancy. Their alteration is likely what gives rise to Modalert’s ability to restore alertness, given that sleep is a process controlled hormonally. Through this mechanism, Modalert can both boost alertness among the sleep-deprived and restore the energy of those laboring uninterrupted over long durations. Further observed effects in the human brain relate to serotonin, orexin and norepinephrine. There is also evidence to support the assertion that Modalert protects against damage to the neurological system.

Calibrating Your Modalert Dose

For all its applications, Modalert is usually taken daily within a range of 100 mg to four times that amount. Modalert is available in 200 and 100 mg. tablets, with the former being more commonly used. Its effects are potent and long lasting, generally active for about 6 hours but sometimes reported to be active for as many as 15. For effects to last an entire day, a single pill in the morning is often sufficient. Sometimes people take double modalert dosage however it is strongly recommended to consult doctor first. It is also possible to divide your dose into several smaller dosages over the court of a morning, but ingesting Modalert after noon will likely lead to sleeplessness that night.

Adverse Effects of Modalert

Smart drugs, like all medications, produce at least some unwanted effects. These negative consequences ramp up the higher the dosage. The symptoms associated with even heavy usage of Modalert are not particularly disturbing however; being limited to such as interrupted sleep, dizziness, upset stomach, blocked sinuses, pain in the back, headaches and, unexpectedly, drowsiness. However, at extremely high doses or when contra-indicated, Modalert may produce difficulty in drawing breath, fever, a swollen face or swelling of the lips, eyes, mouth or legs, as well as skin allergy symptoms such as hives, rashes, blisters or peeling skin or mouth sores. Upon presentation of any such symptoms, it is advised to stop taking Modalert and to consult a physician. While the adverse effects of Sun Pharma’s Modalert mentioned herein are less severe than those associated with amphetamines and their derivatives, this is by no means a license for reckless usage. It is always wise to use Modalert only in moderation and when required, as this will prevent the development of tolerance such that infrequent dosages produce more activity even at lowers dosage than does regular heavy usage or dependence.

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