Modafinil Tolerance and Addiction. Information and user reviews

Tolerance may develop to all mental stimulants and this applies equally to Modafinil. The telltale of tolerance is when a formerly effective dose produces no or minimal effect. This usually happens after long duration of constant usage. However, there are isolated reports of Nuvigil tolerance developing after only two to five doses.

To prevent such desensitization from occurring, cycling is one useful approach. However, the best method is to use Modafinil occasionally, only as needed when facing trying circumstances. When using Modafinil as a cognitive or lifestyle enhancer, it’s best to take it over alternating weeks and durations; as in regimen of a week on, two weeks off and vice versa. Cycling in this manner will keep tolerance from developing.

Long-term or heavy users may, in time, become addicted on the substance. This differs from drug addiction as commonly understood, in that no physical compulsion develops for the drug. However, the habituated user’s system must rebalance in the drug’s absence. This rebalancing experience can resemble the classic withdrawal process. The most commonly observed symptom, especially when cessation is abrupt, is drowsiness. Temporary exhaustion and forgetfulness are also fairly common. Support from a GP is helpful when stopping longer-term Modafinil use.

Modafinil user reviews

Personally I think the best way to do it, is to not immediately buy a next batch after your first one is done, after about 2 days you forget about modafinil, and then when you do eventually remember again, then order. This way you won’t be addicted and you’ll know you’re fine without it.


When I first gave it to one of my friends it didn’t work, but then he just tried again and it did work. You could try again and if it doesn’t work even then, just try 300 mg (one 200 mg and half) if it still doesn’t work then, unfortunately you’re one of the few people it just doesn’t work on

Modafinil Tolerance***

Mod won’t keep you from yawning…..especially if you need sleep or have radically altered your schedule (likemoving from a night person to a day person). However, it will help you more rapidly acclimate to the change. It doesn’t remove the need for sleep either no more than some medicine could remove the need to breathe. These are basic bodily functions. What it can do is help you operate even when your tank is running on empty. When you are *not* running on empty, however, and when you are working on a good routine, modafinil will allow you to dramatically maximize your use of time.


After taking mod religiously for most of the past year, I think the tolerance is definitely normal. However, loss of the euphoria is natural and isn’t necessarily due to tolerance….just my opinion as a user, of course.

I have already taken moda for the past 4 days in a row and got a call from my boss to work none stop for the next 10 days. I wonder if keeping the same dose give me the same effect or should I up the dose.
Started with 200mg some months ago and noticed some terrible headache and dry mouth then dropped to 50mg and still got good enough effect but the best. Upped the dose to 80mg today.
It combines really well with caffeine but unfortunately adding caffeine makes me really nervous and that is the last thing I want as I am working as a social worker.


The reason for my question is that I suspect(ed) increasing dosage just increases tolerance. I don’t want to be a wide-awake zombie. But I figured maybe people found creative ways of spreading a higher dose across the day that had beneficial effects.
Anyway, thanks for the replies.

Modafinil Addiction***

I think the concept of tolerance to modafinil is purely psychological. I’d say if anything, you need *less* of it the more you take it. It’s not addictive! It’s not cocaine!
I started on 200mg a day a year ago, whereas now I only need 50mg because my brain has learned how to “connect the dots” itself without needing the drug. It literally makes you more intelligent. My IQ has permanently increased. So obviously I don’t need to take as much anymore.


I’ve never tried nootropics and moda is my first tester. I’m a perfectly healthy 26 y/o but I lack motivation and desire on a daily basis to live up to my potential. I’m a hardcore procrastinator and just have zero luster in life. I came across Modafinil and decided to give it a try. I’m not depressed nor have any debilitating health issues, I just feel foggy and lost. My concern with moda is the tolerance build. I will be cycling moda but am curious what I can stack with and/or use additionally on cycling days to not feel like I lost it’s awesome new abilities. I consider myself intelligent but need some help with ambition and follow through with goal setting. I’ve read about using racetams additionally. What can I use with Moda and on off days? A suggestion on a stack with dosages would be greatly appreciated. I just feel like I’m stuck and hope nootropics can help me be the person I’m able to be. Thank you very much


This is my first attempt at nootropics, with Modafinil as the interest. I have yet to take it first, as my shipment is coming from India. I ordered 80 Modvigil and 80 Modalert. I’ve done a fair amount of reading on the drug and my biggest concern has to be a build in tolerance, which I know is inevitable with certain drugs. I hear all the wonders from the first few uses and later from extended use, it becomes less effective. Again, I have yet to take it and know how it will effect me. I will be cycling Modafinil, in order to maximize its effectiveness but am unclear on the best way to cycle.

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