Modafinil. More drug uses

What are another drug uses of Modafinil?

It’s the study drug which could save your degree. We tried Modafinil and this is what it’s like.

Forget Red Bull, Ritalin and Adderall, the big names in chemistry are all talking about Modafinil: the non-addictive ‘wakefulness’ drug that even the army are using.

We recently found that 1 in 5 students have used Modafinil – here’s some advice for the 4 in 5 who haven’t. Modafinil (the street name “daffy” has not caught on) is nothing like drinking a lot of caffeine; it temporarily improves your memory and can considerably increase your efficiency. Some scientists are hailing it as a wonder drug, and there is much discussion forming on the potential need for Olympic-style drug tests for students due to the prolific use of Modafinil, and other smart drugs.


Scarily, scientists are not sure of the potential side effects of long-term use or even of how Modafinil exactly works. I wouldn’t, therefore, recommend it as a drug to experiment with, until serious consideration has been taken.

Having taken Modafinil for a few months I can definitively say that it is not a wonder drug; it doesn’t make you achieve more than those who don’t take it. However, it can massively improve your efficiency, so can serve as an injection of motivation for lazy people who need to/ have work to do. I must stress that Modafinil cannot increase intellegenence, and doesn’t make you cleverer, but rather allows one to fulfil their potential.

The intense focus Modafinil provides is like a tunnel vision. It becomes possible to concentrate for hours on reading a book or taking meticulous notes without distraction; Appetite is suppressed and there is no temptation to socialise or procrastinate. In my experience, the only thing you’ll leave your work for are toilet trips, which Modafinil can create the almost hourly need to do so.


Normally, I’ll set my alarm for an hour or so before I actually want to wake up, and take two 100mg doses when it rings. After returning to sleep, one hour later I’ll wake with an urgent need to empty my bowels and what the manufacturers of the drug call “a sense of wakefulness.”

Then, I am ready to study. Sometimes, you’ll find your mood may be changeable, but besides from that you’ll awaken akin to some kind of super-human, ploughing through work in what feels like very high-functioning state. After about 14 hours, this wears off and you’ll become useless again, by which time you should be able to sleep nicely.


  • You can concentrate for hours, getting lots of work done without affecting your memory
• It helps you wake up after under sleeping
• The effect is quite subtle and not an overwhelming experience


  • Can make you unsociable, and more sensitive to people around or talking to you
• It is possible to become too focused, on one task, like playing on a mobile phone, when others, like not missing the bus stop, or crossing the road safely, are more important
• Mood changes tend to swing more to the extremes on Modafinil
• Lots of trips to the loo.


Warning: Modafinil decreases the effectiveness of the pill and of other forms of contraception, so extra precautions must be taken.

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