Modafinil Modalert, user review and experience


So, after 3 days of testing, these are my findings:

  1. If you are going to have Modafinil, better take it around 4-5 am. this because when it starts wearing off around 14 hours later, you will feel naturally tired and you will have a better sleep.
  2. If you take 200mg of Modalert – Generic Provigil DO NOT DRINK MODAFINIL AND COFFEE.Instead of giving you superpowers it will make you so anxious that you won’t be able to focus on anything for more than 1 minute.
  3. if you are on Modafinil, even 100mg, DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. my girlfriend learned this the hard way. She had half a dose of Modalert in the morning, she was feeling great and in a good mood.within 15 minutes of having half a pint of beer she had a massive headache.
  4. REMEMBER TO EAT. I think the secret to my success with this drug is that I put reminders in my phone to eat, I had salad with eggs, Shrimps or Sushi with Salmon, which is another way to say a good dose of CHOLINE.
  5. A good sidekick is : GREEN TEA. not as hard as coffee and it enhances the effects.
  6. Artvigil doesn’t kick in quickly, but it’s a sure kick and it feels kind of nicer than Modalert. Any task feels effortless. Speech and negotiation skills just come out naturally. In my line of business, no one could be beat my arguments. Productivity goes out the roof.

I hope you find this information useful.

Modafinil experience


Just sharing…first try yesterday…200mg at 5am…I started working immediately upon arriving at office…cleaned my inbox…met all my staff on a one on one basis…twas funny bec i arrived an hour earlier…and most of them when i called them for the individual mtng werent even able to sit down and get their coffee…one didnt even have the chance to get to her station when she entered the office bec i saw her just in time as i was wrapping up another mtng…i basically finished all their concerns and issues on the spot within 15min for each staff…normally, it takes me almost 6hrs to do all this…i signed off projects, approved tons of purchases and i was extra attentive to details here too…on the way to my lunch meeting, I called everyone on my to-call list…after lunch I have nothing else left to do…and I was still game…one thing I noticed…I had this sense of urgency to finish every task on the spot…like there’s no tomorrow…good thing I still had the sense to delegate…otherwise I may have done every little stuff personally…one more thing, the reason why I was able to finish my mtngs so fast was because I was talking so fast…and bec I was thinking so fast…I knew people at the office noticed my change of pace…midway I had to pull myself together and consciously slow down…lest I get some unwanted attention… After work, I trained 2 hrs Muay Thai…again with extra gusto…then another surprise…usually after training, and after a day’s work I’m alrdy drained and barely drive home… guess what…upon arriving, I did some cleaning…showered and fired my laptop and started working away…before I know it, it was 3am in the morning and I always get up at 5am…so I went to bed, closed my eyes, and after a while dozed off…

After less than 2 hrs of sleep…i took 100mg this 5am…then 100mg 1pm…to try and see if I could level the effect… Worked like a charm…smashed another muay Thai earlier this evening after a very productive day at work…and as you can see…I’m still up…I’m forcing myself to slow down now…tried reading a book while lying in bed…that usually knocks me out…well it didn’t…

Let’s see…talk fast…think fast…move fast…extra attentive, heck I was reading everything my eyes saw…billboards, store signages, plate #, newspaper in other people’s hands, posters, graffiti s…everything…


Hey all I’m a noob to moda. I’ve been taking 100 mg 2x/week for the past 3 weeks. I’m pretty pleased with the results and am just sharing my experience so far. I know many of you here are “experts” but maybe a fellow noob can benefit from my experience.

It’s definitely helpful in terms of wakefulness / alertness and I feel it also indirectly helps me with focus and concentration but I need to take extra steps to really ensure the focus / concentration.

First of all, I only take it twice a week on days where I want to max out productivity for the day. I don’t need to be firing on all cylinders 7 days/week. On these days I end up doing essentially a total of 4 days of tasks.

I take it at around 6 AM and just do some house maintenance, have breakfast, etc. I still have the time since duration of Modafinil effects is over 7 hours. I also make a detailed to do list for the day and put everything in my calendar with alerts. So 7 AM to 10 AM I’m learning programming. 10 Am to noon work tasks, etc. I really need those alerts because I feel like moda gets me into a zone on whatever I am working and 5 hours will fly by and programming lends itself to that as well.

Now I know I am easily distracted by the Internet and such so I had to create a guest account on my laptop and disable access to all social media sites and I put my smartphone in a locker. I put on some cool binaural beats concentration music and just get myself into the mindset for productivity.

The moda doesn’t really do anything directly for my adhd – that’s where I have to be proactive. Once the distractions are minimized and the moda kicks in, it helps me stay focused on whatever I am doing by minimizing physical and mental fatigue. It’s a welcome feeling of constant freshness / alertness and I don’t feel the need for a break. And once I am in the zone — that is where I start gaining focus and motivation to continue. I feel like hours 4 through 12 are the best for some reason.

I feel only slightly jittery on moda at worst and I minimize this by just reminding myself it’s a minor effect. I also feel like I need to eat a few more carbs on moda for some reason. So I’ll have a table spoon or two of honey every hour. This seems to help with the mild anxiety. I am really mellow by default so I kind of like the feeling of a very latent persistent anxiety.

Modalert review and experience

moda acts almost like a diuretic. I also make sure I drink around 8 oz water per hour and my body is quick to get rid of it on moda.

Now the half life of moda is 15 hours so this means that half of the dose has left your system after 15 hours. So my understanding is a full dose may remain in your system 1.25 days. This is one of the reasons I’m not In a rush to do it more than 2x week.

Even at 100 mg I am still feeling pretty alert around midnight however I can listen to some smooth jazz and get myself into a sleepy mode. However, I don’t get a full nights sleep and wake up less than 6 hours later feeling fresh. I might try a 50mg dose next week and see how it goes.

One of the interesting unexpected effects of moda is it has also enhanced my workouts. I feel like the moda is also minimizing fatigue in the gym. I mean I still need to rest between sets obviously, but I feel less physically fatigued overall and the lack of mental fatigue makes me feel constantly fresh and that latent anxiety really makes cardio / Hiit training kinda fun. A lot of fitness is mental after all.

Another interest effect is that I feel a little impatient with everyone on moda. I just want to do what I want to do and not be interrupted. I don’t know if this is the moda or just me really being in the zone and not wanting to get distracted. I’m not too social and the moda kind of enhances my lack of interest for socializing.

So all in all I really am liking the moda. It’s definitely made an impact. But, again, I have to make sure I set myself up for success by minimizing distractions and having a detailed to do list with alerts. I’ve passed on taking moda if I didn’t have a clear task list.

I wouldn’t say it helps me synapse faster or anything cool like that. It’s strength is definitely keeping me feeling fresh / alert / focused enough to keep reading, keep learning, keep experimenting with code, etc.

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