Modafinil Choline and Piracetam review and experience

Modafinil Choline

Parsed from SN
Here is my review. So I’ve been on modafinil and piratecam for about three weeks. Initially I did nine days straight on the moda between 100mg and 400mg daily and got improved focus and a mild euphoria with the higher doses. At the start it was good but I had started peeing more. I got some good headaches which I put down to fatigue from my brain and body doing more or dehydration/electrolyte imbalance.

I’m convinced it was the moda so I stopped it for four days and carried on with the piratecam and a supplement called choline. The headache went. I’ve reintroduced the modafinil into the mix and am now at the end of four night shifts. I have slept like a baby despite the moda but have what feels like the start of a cold. I’ve upped my vitamin c intake. I work in a health care setting so my immunity is awesome thanks to constant exposure.

I think my cold symptoms could be fatigue that is masked by the alertness gained from the moda. Also have a slightly increased respiration rate that could be either from the cold symptoms or maybe low blood pressure that I didn’t check to confirm from the possible dehydration. I love experience and the effect from my moda piratecam stack and will keep on tinkering with the regime to find what works best.

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