modafinil and coffee

Caffeine and Modafinil

Provigil is the brand name nootropic drug renowned for its ability to boost wakefulness. Similar to coffee, it works by effecting neurochemical changes in those areas of the brain which regulate alertness and dormancy. There are no known adverse reactions produced by taking the two substances in combination, although it’s always best to consult with your medical advisor on the subject.

Modafinil and coffee

Food for Thought

The journal Psychopharmacology published a study in the first month of 2002 which indicated that caffeine and Provigil are equivalent in terms of enhancing cognitive function and boosting wakefulness during periods of insufficient sleep. Caffeine differs in being generally available and cheap whereas Modafinil usually requires a doctor’s prescription. For this reason, coffee is often a more convenient option. Before deciding between the two drugs, seek the advice of a trusted medical professional.

User reviews

“The extremely low risk of a dangerous combination of Modafinil and coffee  does not preclude undesirable interactions with other substances or medications. For example, hormonal birth control treatments may be weakened by Provigil. The drug may also have unwanted effects if combined with Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) or grapefruit (juice). Coffee is known to have negative interactions with certain antibiotics, Echinacea and theophylline. Consult with your medical professional concerning the safety of various foods, substances and supplements when using Provigil or coffee.”

“I took 600 mg Modafinil + 1 coffee at a night around 11.00 pm.I continuously prepared my presentation on a laptop. After this i wrote about 100 pages college assignment. Concentration was damn awesome.Now Its 8:41 am in clock & i thought i should sleep but after lying on bed i cant sleep. Is it overdose ? last time i took 400 mg & had sleep from 7.00 am to 12.00 pm. ”
“So started with 50 mg of moda slowly increased to 100 then 200 and finally 400 mg. All moda was taken on an empty stomach with a strong cup of fine roasted columbian coffee.”
“Honestly can say I’m disappointed. I thought maybe at first they where fakes however, my urine smelt. Many have touted such amazing benefits I don’t feel anything. Likely a non responder”
“just had bulletproof coffee with 400mg modafinil . i fell like Ferrari with nitrous”
I don’t know if there is any “normal” with taking Modafinil. Some people report an NZT-like effect. Others, like myself, see a more subtle result that is almost unnoticeable but can be seen looking back on the day.
I split the dose and it did nothing. So I took 200 every day. Early- like 5 am. I have some caffeine later about 10 AM. No jitters just happy and awake”
“Now i start there i never go over that . I do feel a energy rush at first then i get really lethargic. But have some focus. Iam a chef who works 5 or 6 days a week 12 to 15 hr days i have tried everything. I have been on this sechdule for 6 years.Mostly nothing ive added caffiene , causing a surge of energy and focus then it disappeared.
I have already taken moda for the past 4 days in a row and got a call from my boss to work none stop for the next 10 days. I wonder if keeping the same dose give me the same effect or should I up the dose.”
“Started with 200mg some months ago and noticed some terrible headache and dry mouth then dropped to 50mg and still got good enough effect but the best. Upped the dose to 80mg today. It combines really well with caffeine but unfortunately adding caffeine makes me really nervous and that is the last thing I want as I am working as a social worker.”
“I also tried it with 100mg and coffee. I think it will drive you nuts if your not busy. My head was on hyperdrive. Recommended for sports imho. But i find 100mg in the morning and just add the 100mg afternoon if i see that i might need the extra juice till midnight”
“I’m taking 50mg of Modalert with a baby aspirin, 100mg caffeine, and 12.5mg ephedrine. I’m untouchable on this combo!”
“I think modafinil and therefore adrafinil is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. Caffeine causes you to produce dopamine. Combined they are synergistic.”
“Stimulants should be used in moderation, but they can be useful. Basically, moda comes at the “need more energy” problem by increasing wakefulness/reducing tiredness while stimulants just give you more energy. They can work hand in hand to improve your performance, caffeine + l-theanine + (ar)modafinil is a great stack.”
“I am so fresh and motivated, been in the Zone all day. No mania just pure focus and high mood. Only felt a bit overstimulated when I combined it with caffeine+theanine. I used to struggle with fatigue and low energy; no more. This stack brings my performance to a whole different level. And im sure my evening microdoses of naltrexone contributes to the feelings of well being”
“Caffeine+moda=anxiety. Too stimulated, yup.”

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