Modafinil alternatives

it’s common for eugeroic enthusiasts to buy the nootropic Adrafinil. This substance is a Modafinil prodrug, being transformed upon bodily absorption into Modafinil. This drug was in fact the original formulation by the firm in France, which is also Armodafinil’s patent-holder. Due to the nature of prodrugs, Adrafinil has a higher effective dose and this brings with it heightened side effects. Minor adverse effects run to infrequent headaches and queasiness. Major side effects comprise skin rashes resembling hives and elevated liver enzymes, either of which may require hospital care. These more dangerous adverse effects are mostly limited to those who consume Adrafinil on a continual basis.


Adrafinil is a eugeroic which isn’t FDA-scheduled and so is available for purchase, without prescription OTC or anywhere in the USA. Adrafinil is a prodrug to Modafinil, it is Modafinil alternatives meaning that once ingested transforms into Modafinil inside the liver. It is then dispersed through the bloodstream and becomes active in around sixty minutes, just like Armodafinil.

Although two generations prior to Armodafinil and one prior to Modafinil, users report that Adrafinil produces a similar experience to its subsequent iterations. Due to its legality and comparable effects, Adrafinil is frequently sold by American smart drug vendors. This means that quality is better assured and delivery is quicker. Adrafinil is a safer bet in our opinion. Why gamble with your money and, more importantly, health?

A certain early formulation, known as Adrafinil, an alternative to Modafinil  is not controlled and may be purchased sans prescription. This version is a prodrug to Modafinil, meaning it is a precursor that transforms into Modafinil once processed by the liver.

Adrafinil is a suitable and non-proscribed substitute in most cases. It is important however to only take Adrafinil under a medical professional’s supervision. If you select Adrafinil, it is advised that you use it only as necessary when increased alertness and drive are absolutely essential.

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