I suffer with narcolepsy, so have been taking 200mg twice a day for five years; this is a long time but I haven‘t noticed any change in my personality, apart from the fact I’m a safer programmer. The main problems with narcolepsy are trying to stay awake, or that I may injure myself in a sleep episode.

Soon after being diagnosed with narcolepsy, my doctor prescribed a mixture of drugs because my insurance wouldn‘t provide Provigil (monthly cost before Modafinil was available in the US was $1700 per month). When I was challenging my insurance company regarding Provigil, I fell asleep on our back patio, breaking my nose and teeth, injuring my upper lip and suffering concussion; After that they paid for my prescription.

On Ritalin I’m very energised whereas I can sleep on Adderall. Provigil/Modafinil is a miracle drug for me, as it could be for others with narcolepsy.


Ive been taking Modafinil for 40 days for five days a week, missing weekends. I‘m not overweight or unfit but have sleep apnea. Thanks to Modafinil, my life is no longer dictated by the quality of my sleep, making life much easier. If I have had a partiularly bad nights sleep, I can decide to take a pill and alleviate the problem.

I honestly think this pill is a miracle; I am happy, more sociable and friendly as Im not constantly longing to go home and sleep. Im performing better than ever at work, meaning I have more spare time and less stress.

I don’t take it on weekends which enables me to catch up on sleep, because I know the drugs dont do what sleep would for me and I want to prevent any developing tolerance. On these weekends, I feel mostly the same as throughout the week, but maybe slightly less energetic. However the lethargy is nowhere near as noticeable as it would be without taking Modafinil.

In my opinion, there are no drawbacks to this drug and I intend to continue taking it long-term.


I have noticed my tolerance to this drug increase, so take it on five days a week rather than seven. I don’t get the same intensity to the alertness, but find I‘m still more productive than if I hadn‘t taken it. My dosage is 200mg daily, so I could probably increase that but, personally don’t feel it necessary. If I want an energy boost I drink ginko or ginseng in tincture form.

On the days when I don’t take any, I feel regular, like I did before starting Modafinil. The first day off I may feel a little less lazy than regularly, due to the drug lingering in my system. In all, I haven’t had any unpleasant side effects when I have stopped taking the drug.

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