Buying modafinil generic provigil in Switzerland


“I ordered some Modafinil from ******* a couple days ago, but unfortunately I got an email today saying that they cannot currently ship to Switzerland. Does anyone know where I can get modafinil from to my country? I afraid customs will seize it if it is shipped from outside the EU, and I don’t want to use Skypax due to highest shipping fees.”


There are a couple of online pharmacies, like “Sunmodalert” or“Mondaymeds” with direct shipping to some EU countries such as Switzerland, UK, Greece and others or some Asian  countries like Japan

What do you need to know while ordering Modafinil, generic Provigil or any other substance directly from India to EU (Switzerland)?

Buying modafinil

If your order exceed one month’s supply, the import process may cause retention and your shipment can be confiscated (detained at customs). Right after retention of the goods, customs regulators initiates an administrative procedure, that may cause order destruction. To avoid such an issue one must know that standard monthly supply of Modafinil is 90 pills. 90 pills is a standard monthly supply for large variety of drugs. While buying drugs online no matter if it is Modafinil, Finasteride, Sildenafil or any other substance it is recommended to NOT ORDER MORE THAN 90 pills in one shipment otherwise, if order contains 100 pills and more this can be suspected as a purpose of reselling and will lead to a tax for at least 300 francs to be paid by the buyer in Switzerland.

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