Alertec vs Modalert vs Modapro

I’ve had experience with Alertec, Sun Modalert and Cipla Modapro, ordering 200mg doses of each drug in large amounts to reduce the price. I have never had much doubt about the legitimacy of products Ive received and Ive taken each for more than 48 hours, which is suggested.

However, they are all very different in their effects. Alertec was very clean but less effective than Modapro or Modalert. I usually opt for 100mg doses but had to increase this to 200mg for Alertec, which was also more expensive than the others.

Modapro was fine for occasional use, but what to choose if to compare Alertec vs Modalert vs Modapro ? I feel that modalert is slightly different and can cause an uncomfortable feeling. Because Modapro was the cheapest of the three drugs, I have ordered it from two separate sources, with consistent results from both batches.

The best drug, from my experience, is Modalert. I found it more effective than the Alertec that I tried and it doesn’t give me the weird feeling that I sometimes get from Modapro. I’ve also used Modalert from multiple sources and have been happy with the drug from both suppliers.


I’ve used Modapro for a few days now and when compared with Sun Pharma Modalert it seems to offer a few slight improvements. For example:

– The drug feels a little “cleaner”. 

– Modapro does not give me the headache/nausea Modalert sometimes causes

– Modapro has a weaker stimulating effect, with energy and focus only quietly improving, then calmly returning to normal when the drug has ran its course

All of these are only minor differences; I now have a slight preference towards Modapro, but, honestly they both get the job done. I am not upset if I can only obtain Modalert. 
I hope this helps others in the future. 


Both Modalert and Modapro are effective, but I feel Modapro is a little smoother with a longer onset. Modalert, in contrast, hits you strongly and quickly, which can be a positive in some situations but can also cause a dip in the middle of the day, which doesnt happen with Modapro. Overall, they both fulfil the intended use.

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