Adderall dosage

The Proper Dose of Adderall
Adderall dose will vary depending on the person concerned. Your dose should be calibrated to your tolerance and reasons for taking the drug.
It is advised by most medical professionals to begin on a light dose and increase this only slowly until the desired effects are observed.
A juvenile of 5 years or older will generally being with a low dose of only 5 mg. This will be gradually stepped up over time to 30 mg.
An adult narcoleptic will similarly begin at 5 mg Adderall dosage. and steadily increase up to 60 mg.
Adderall XR and Adderall need not be taken on a full stomach. You may take it with food or not, as you please.
The usual regimen is to take your Adderall pills four to six hours apart and only during the day. Adderall XR, as it lasts far longer, may be taken once in the AM. If either drug is taken at night, insomnia may result.
It is recommended that you swallow an Adderall tablet entire. It is also permissible to open up the Adderall capsule and consume the contents in a small quantity, say one teaspoon, of jam, applesauce or some other palatable substance. This often makes taking the medicine easier for children. Ensure that the contents of any capsule opened in this manner are taken immediately, otherwise they may spoil.

adderall dosage
Skipped Adderall Doses
Adderall should be used in strict accordance with a doctor’s instruction. Don’t cease Adderall treatment abruptly but rather taper off over time. Abrupt cessation may cause intense fatigue, deep depression and a range of other unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.
If you forget to take your Adderall dose at the appointed time, take it later if not too much time has elapsed. If you are closer in time to your next dose than your skipped dose, then simply take the next dose. Never take a double dose to compensate as this may have negative health consequences.

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