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Enough time had passed since I got the first test that allowed me to collect some statistics. So I decided to write a report on its application. Well, Alertec aka Modafinil, aka Modalert, aka Provigil, aka Modavigil, Aka Modafresh, Aka Provake, aka Modnite or Armodafinil aka Waklert, Artvigil, Armod, Nuvigil is a very popular drug especially among students. This drug is not so common in our country for a number of reasons, and I’m not going to focus on them.

modafinil dosageModafinil and students

Modalert (Modafinil) is neither a drug, nor a stimulant. It is a “healthy” alternative to famous Adderal, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta and other ADHD medicines. There are many companies produce Modafinil such as: Cephalon, TEVA, HAB Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Sun Pharma, Sigmnature Pharmaceuticals, Intas Pharma, Raxbaxy, Cipla, Consern Pharma. It‘s a nootrop with obvious effect of wakefulness. Its main effect is to disable symptoms “I’m not able to work, I want to sleep”. Intake of this drug is legal, just as intake of piracetam or glycine. Apparently there is neither addictive effect, nor resistance. Modafinil is not an amphetamine, despite so expressed effects. Its minimum dose of modafinil causing clinical effect is 0.2 g. After 20-30 minutes of its intake you will forget about the drowsiness. Besides there is no excitation, euphoria and other symptoms typical for administration of amphetamines. And this is very important as Modafinil does not stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. Rather it interferes with inhibitory structures of the brain and prevents wakefulness. This allows to save attention and energy for the work, rather than struggle with sleep.

This point can clarify the fact why after a night under the effect of Modafinil there is no weakness on the next day, as if the night was spent on coffee, for example. If you increase the dose to 0.3 – 0.5 g, there will be a considerable nootropic effect. By my own experience the effect of Modafinil is similar to that from the mixture of Gammalon and Carphedon. After intake of the drug you will have crystal clarity of perception, and much more alertness than in the everyday life. The process of thinking is not as intense as efficient and productive. You will be able to track causal chains better. Your mind will drop out secondary issues while attention won’t disperse. The drug has no effect on critical thinking. The thinking surrenders to logic.

modafinil and logicModafinil and logical thinking

You will fill that the everyday life is like a slumber in comparison with the condition under the drug. To be honest, this understanding causes extensive satisfaction. Indirectly, Modafinil has a positive influence on coordination, reaction and physical strength, even after termination of its action (about 6 – 8 hours). A couple of years ago I drove a car in a big snowfall from New York. I was in the road from 2 a.m., more than 12 hours on the way. When my car had faced an emergency situation on the road, I escaped an accident on an icy road, largely due to the speed and accuracy of my actions. Recent car trips to Silverton with its crazy serpentines revealed a similar positive effect.

I don’t recommend to intake energy drinks while taking Modafinil. Otherwise you will face an unpleasant tachycardia at the end of Modafinil action. I don’t recommend smoking strong cigarettes (as I generally don’t recommend smoking). After the expiry of Modafinil action there may be some negative signs such as exhaustion and severe fatigue especially when using Modafinil to prevent sleep for more than two consecutive days. Your brain needs a break, even if you don’t feel it. On the other hand, don’t forget the old adage “No pain, no gain” 🙂 In general, I can say that Modafinil has an extremely positive effect.

MODAFINIL AND ENERGY DRINKSmodafinil and smoking

Next I will give you some additional information on the dosage of Modafinil:

The recommended Modafinil dosage for the clinical treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness associated with narcolepsy or obstructive sleep apnea usually varies in the range from 200 to 400 mg a day. This dose can be taken either q.d. (morning) or b.i.d. (morning and noon). When you use Modafinil to enhance physical performance, typical effective dosage is in the range from 100 to 400 mg. The drug is often taken for 2-3 hours before sport events. Please note that its side effects may depend on the dose. Modafinil should be started at the lowest effective dose followed by its increase by 50-100 mg before reaching an optimal level.

For training, please use 100 – 400 mg of Modafinil at one hour before training.

If you want just to take off the weariness, you can take a single dosage of 100 mg. In order to preserve the “readiness” for the whole day, please take 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at the lunchtime. If you want to stay awake during the night, then take another dose of 100 mg in the evening (in other words – 100 mg every 8 hours).

Practical observations and tips:

  1. Do not take Modafinil after 4 p.m. if you want to fall asleep before midnight (the period of drug activity is 12-16 hours after intake per os, depending on the dosage of Modafinil).
  2. If you need to work hard for a few days while sleeping only for 3 hours and work with high concentrations, you need a good night’s sleep after. Otherwise, you may feel the heaviness in the head, and though concentration remains the same, this heaviness will be terribly distracting.
  3. If you are exhausted and slept a little before taking the drug, Modafinil won’t allow you to work at 100%. Nobody has canceled the regular sleep, although your sleep may be during less time than usual.
  4. Start taking Modafinil with the dose of 100 mg. This will allow to exclude allergic reactions. The drug has a very low toxicity. However regular examination for the signs of allergic reactions is very important. Very often it turns out that some people do not need to take more than 100 mg per day. An increase in the dosage for such people doesn’t give you much difference in the effect.


In the USA, UK and Australia the FDA has approved Modafinil for the treatment of sleeping disorders only. These rules allow it to be prescribed for obstructive sleep apnea, shift work sleep (SWSD) disorder and narcolepsy. Outside the US, it may be prescribed for hypersomnia conditions.

The FDA generally advises that the Modafinil dosage for sleeping disorders should be a single 200 mg. tablet per day. This amount may vary from 400 mg. distributed over two tablets daily down to a half-tablet dose of 100 mg. Such special dosages are infrequently recommended however.

Conditions other than SWSF warrant a single dose to be administered during the morning or, when two doses are called for, the second is to be taken at noon. Patients are advised against taking Provigil after midday as its effects last for approximately 15 hours, so taking it late in the day may interfere with regular sleep patterns.

As the possibility exists for side effects such as skin reactions, hypersensitivity and mental disturbances, the European Medicines Agency has recommended that only narcoleptics should receive new prescriptions for this drug, to combat drowsiness. Such adverse effects usually manifest during the first three months of usage, as a result this recommendation does not apply to “old” patients who have been taking the medication over a longer duration.

modafinil adhdnarcolepsy

Provigil has demonstrated usefulness in treating Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder. Despite this, in 2006 the FDA ruled that it could not be used in the treatment of juvenile AD(H)D. This was because of two incidents of rash-like skin irritations which manifested during testing. However, these reactions may well have been caused by Erythema multiforme or Stevens-Johnson syndrome rather than the drug. It is worth noting that such reactions occurred in only 2 of 933 human test cases, whatever the cause. The doctor who attributed the skin reactions to the drug later withdrew his diagnosis. Nevertheless, the FDA has yet to grant approval for Provigil in AD(H)D treatment. If you wish to discover further information on Provigil, reviews from existing users and their treatment diaries are both excellent resources.

1) For chronic fatigue and to relieve mental stress, it’s recommended to take 100 mg dosage of modafinil or 1 tablet of the drug.

2) If you want to stay awake during the whole day, it’s recommended to take 100 mg Modafinil dosage or 1 tablet of the drug (1 tablet every 8 hours).

3) If necessary, the dosage of Modafinil may be increased up to 200 mg at one time.

Although the safety of the drug has been established, in some cases it may cause serious complications, such as anaphylactic shock and even death. It should be taken with extreme caution in individuals suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Modafinil is strictly contraindicated in children.

brain booster

Modafinil has the reputation of being the most potent nootropic or brain booster on the market. It’s renowned for the improvements it brings to information processing and recall, vitality levels and mental focus. It’s also known to be relatively safe, as it has only rare and minor effects. It enjoys a lot of off-label usage among those who require greater energy and mental performance, for study or for work. Many users also find it lightens their mood and makes them more productive. Unfortunately, it’s often hard to buy Modafinil or its generic, Provigil, due to national laws. The majority of nations classify Modafinil as a scheduled drug requiring a doctor’s prescription. The loophole is that it’s usually legal for online purchase.

Modafinil (Provigil) and Armodafinil (Nuvigil) and it’s generics , such as Modalert, Waklert, Modvigil, Artvigil, Modafresh , are growing popularity within a major cities of the world. Below we represent top 75 of the cities where Modafinil is of most popular smart drug:

1) Los Angeles, California. 2) Chicago, Illinois. 3) Houston, Texas. 4) London, UK. 5) Berlin, Germany. 6) Philadelphia, US. 7) Madrid , Spain. 8) Phoenix, Arizona. 9) San Antonio,TX. 10) San Diego,.US. 11) Roma, Italy. 12) Dallas 13) Madrid, Spain. 14) San Jose 15) Tokyo, Japan. Japan most popular Modafinil brand is Modalert. 16) Paris , France. 17) BUCURESTI (Bucharest)  Romania. 18) Austin. 19) Jacksonville , Florida. 20) BUDAPEST  Hungary. 21) Hamburg Germany, San Francisco 22) Columbus, Ohio 23) WARSZAWA ( Warsaw ) Poland . 24) Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  25) Charlotte, N.C. 26) BEOGRAD (Belgrade) Serbia. 27) Fort Worth 28) Washington, DC. 29) Las Vegas , Nevada. 30) WIEN (Vienna) Austria. Modafinil brand in Austria is Modiodal. 31) Barcelona Spain.    32) Detroit, Michigan.33) SOFIA Bulgaria 34) Melbourne Victoria, Australia . 35) Portland , Oregon. 36) München (Munich)  Germany. 37) Seattle , Washington. 38) Long Beach 39) Memphis, Tennessee. US Modafinil’s trademark is Provigil. 40) PRAHA (Prague) Czech Republic.  41) El Paso. 42) Denver , Colorado. 43) Nashville-Davidson. 44) Birmingham , UK. 45) Louisville-Jefferson County, Kentuky. 46) Köln (Cologne) Germany. 47) Kansas City. 48) Torino (Turin)  Italy. 49) Miami, 50) Atlanta , Georgia. 51) Oklahoma City. 52) Brisbane . 53) Albuquerque, N.M. 54) ZAGREB Croatia. 55) Virginia Beach. 56) Oakland. 57) Marseille, France.   58) Omaha , Nebraska. 59) Cleveland, Ohio. 60) RIGA, Latvia. 61) Arlington 62) Perth, Western Australia. Most popular Modafinil brand in AU is Modvigil. 63) Lódz , Poland. 64) Colorado Springs. 65) Baltimore, Maryland. 66) ATHINAI (Athens)Greece. 67) Tulsa, Oklahoma. 68) STOCKHOLM , Sweden. 69) Minneapolis . 70) New Orleans. 71) Raleigh, N.C. 72) AMSTERDAM, Netherlands. 73) Wichita, Kansas. 74) Fresno 75) Mesa .76) Indianapolis, Indiana. 77) Boston, massachusetts. 78) Milwaukee, Wisconsin 79) Sacramento. 80) Adelaide

Inside the UK, Canada, Australia and the USA, modafinil is legally available by prescription. Citizens of all these countries, may import minor amounts of the drug, not exceeding three month’s prescription. It’s best to verify the legalities with your country’s authorities before ordering the drug from abroad.

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