Modafinil and anxiety

Modafinil as an Anxiolytic

Modafinil’s established effect on the Dopamine pathway is the means by which it lowers anxiety disorder levels. Certain findings, although contentious, indicate that Modafinil can also boost Serotonin levels. Greater activity in either or both neurochemicals is known to raise mood, bolster motivation and improve self-confidence.

While it’s not immediately apparent why a drug designed as an alertness booster would lower rather than heighten levels of stress, many users attest to this fact. They report that a minor daily dose of Modafinil serves as an anxiolytic, granting them calmness and concentration. It appears that Modafinil reduces mental hyperactivity attack, so militating against anxiety and panic disorders. Modafinil is also said to increase extroversion. It’s treatment may therefore be helpful to sufferers of social phobia / anxiety.

In combination with its benefits to mental performance, Modafinil is also particularly useful for dealing with intense stressors, such as a workplace interview, important exam or public speaking engagement. User reports indicate that mental clarity is improved such that bothersome doubts and equivocations are dispelled. Modafinil is said to allow a user to short-circuit their regular negative mental habits so as to remain maintain mental discipline and remain on-task.

Modafinil anxiety

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