Shipping of modafinil with skypax

Shipping modafinil

Unfortunately most of  India based modafinil vendors do not ship directly to EU countries due to high risk of the order retention. This problem is common for almost all countries in EU besides UK. There are online stores with EU shipping like but their prices are slightly higher than prices on India based sites. The best way to get modafinil from India is to use skypax forwarding service located in the UK. Like any other UK forwarding services Skypax offers regular parcel forwarding and a shopping concierge service you can manage your parcels right at your personal account at their UK website. They receive your order, repackage it by making it UK based and ship it within EU.  Skypax charges a re the following: £12 fee for regular parcel forwarding and a 15% charge of your total order value (or minimum service charge of £49) for its shopping concierge service. As for shipping options Skypax offer shipping via Royal Mail for parcels under 2kg weight.

Recommended Pharmacies offering Skypax option:

Company Delivery time min price/pill Shipping cost to the UK
Sunmodalert 5-10 days 0.8$/pill free
Onedollarthings 6-9 days 1$/pill free
Onemedstore 6-9 days 1.5$/pill 18$

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